List of Website

These are list of created website
1. Katalog Verdenlim2. Kerja Praktek / Internship3. Sample Product's Custom Design

Katalog Verdenlim

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Simple online store's website to connect some sellers with buyers.
Feature/function at this website are:
  1. Buyers could add product from different sellers into the shopping cart.
  2. Even items in shopping cart are from different sellers, system will automatically create 1 (one) invoice for each seller.
  3. Sellers could add variant (ex: different size) for each produk, each variant could have different price. Buyers could choose which variant that he/she wants and system will correctly choose the price.
  4. Different layout for 'landscape' and 'portrait' screen. The difference are generated by using javascript only.

Kerja Praktek / Internship

Website to manage internship data at an university in Indonesia.
Feature/function at this website are:
  1. Student register his/her internship data at that semester.
  2. Registration is done by only one student from each group,in order to prevent duplicate data.
  3. Student which his/her internship group has been registered, could not registering another internship at that semester.
  4. A student could not registering another group internship data.
  5. All internship data is grouped by semester.
  6. Searching for internship title by using keyword.
  7. Internship Coordinator could see report in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel file.
  8. Internship Coordinator could manage internship's test schedule.
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Sampel Custom Design Produk

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A simple website to customize product's design. At this website, the product is a simple mask.
Feature/function at this website are:
  1. Visitor could choose from provided design.
  2. Visitor could save the resulted image.
  3. This sample website could running offline at visitors computer, because all function are using javascript.
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