Name : Freddy Kurniawan
List of Contents:
1. Brief Description
2. Studies
3. Scientific Publication
4. Career & Skill

Brief Description

Work as programming freelancer.


  1. Bachelor of Computer Science, department of Informatics/Computer Science, faculty of Information Technology, Tarumanagara University, Jakarta.

Scientific Publication

These are some scientific publication that I take part in creating the computer program:
  1. "Suatu Model Kaidah Pemenggalan Suku Pertama pada Bahasa Indonesia: Kasus pada Huruf Awal B", with Mr. Dali Santun Naga and Mrs. Viny Christanti.
  2. “Simulasi Pembentukan Formasi Pola Spasial Untuk Robot Koloni dengan Turing Morphogenetic Function”, with Mr. Tony.

Career & Skill

This is my programming career:
  1. Take part in research which focusing on "Information Retrieval dan Text Processing", at an university in Jakarta. Involved in creating and developing application/software. (2016-now)

These are some of my skill:
  1. Create/develop application/website with or without database.
  2. Have experience using:
    • Java
    • Java Servlet
    • Android Studio, IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to create Android's App
    • Visual Basic
    • PHP
    • HTML,CSS,Javascript
    • Database : MySQL dan SQLite
  3. Testing application/website. Some testing that have been done:
    • Run existing function to make sure application/website shown correct output.
    • Find bug.
    • Check source code (if provided) to fix bug or fix function which shown incorrect output.
  4. Create image/icon, one software that was used is pixelformer. Example of created image/icon could be seen on this website's background.