List of Android App

These are list of created android app
1. Scheduler
2. Calculator for Dozens & Pieces

Scheduler with Task List

Application to manage your schedule using Android device.
This application features are:
  1. Keep your weekly schedule by using only one schedule instance.
  2. Show schedule using calendar or list.
  3. Use different colour on calendar to know whether there are schedules on that date.
  4. Show warning message when adding/changing schedule if this schedule (date or time) is conflict with another schedule.
  5. Automatically remove old schedules.
  6. Filter and sort schedules.
  7. Adding tasks for every schedule.
  8. See or update task's progress.

Link Play Store
These are screenshots of this App.

2 Unit Calculator

App to add, substract or multiply two values which have 2 units. Units choice are dozen-piece or score-piece
Example: "3 dozens 10 pieces" plus "1 dozen 5 pieces" or "5 dozens 3 pieces" minus "2 dozens 11 pieces".
Advantages of this app are:
  1. Like normal calculator.
  2. Easier to add/substract dozens and pieces.

Link Play Store
These are screenshots of this App, it shows "50 dozens 8 pieces" plus "24 dozens 8 pieces".